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2014-2015 Registration

Please click Registration Pamphlet 2014-2015 – 2 Sept 2014 to view or print this year’s registration information.

For the first two meetings, we’ll have extra scouters on hand to help register your youth at the section meetings. If you cannot register then, please, just contact either the Group Registrar, or the Group Commissioner to let us know and we can either meet  you at a section meeting or work out another arrangement.


Scouter Dave

Group Commissioner



Registration for each section

This year we’re changing it up a bit. We’ll be accepting registrations during the first two meetings of each section.

By accepting, I mean, we’ll have the group commissioner,  and either the group registrar or the group administrator at the meetings to assist with registering your youth in the section.

If you can’t make it out during the first two meetings, no problem!  You can sign your youth up at any time, just reach out to us via our contact links, or use the Scouts Canada group locator tool.  (you may not see our contact links on a mobile phone, if that’s the case, switch to desktop view with your phone’s browser.




Scouter Dave

1st Greenwood Group Commissioner