1st Greenwood Scouting Group


Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers


You can reach the various folk who make up 1st Greenwood’s leadership using these email addresses or phone numbers.

Group Contacts:

Group Commissioner: David Kerrivan gc{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Registrar: Louise Ogilvie registrar{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Administrator:  Jacinthe Waldron admin{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Group Treasurer: John Scollick treasurer{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Quarter Masters: Mike Dove qm{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Group Committee: Section Scouters and the above group{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Individual Sections:

Colony: TBD  beavers{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Pack: Susan Liddle  cubs{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Troop: Calvin Hamilton  scouts{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Company: venturers{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Crew: rovers{at}1stgreenwoodscouting.ca

Webmaster: David Kerrivan


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