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Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for Venturer Scouts

November 22nd, 2014

The details are all in the attached poster.


Spaghettie Dinner Poster


2014-2015 Registration

September 3rd, 2014

Please click Registration Pamphlet 2014-2015 – 2 Sept 2014 to view or print this year’s registration information.

For the first two meetings, we’ll have extra scouters on hand to help register your youth at the section meetings. If you cannot register then, please, just contact either the Group Registrar, or the Group Commissioner to let us know and we can either meet  you at a section meeting or work out another arrangement.


Scouter Dave

Group Commissioner



Registration for each section

September 1st, 2014

This year we’re changing it up a bit. We’ll be accepting registrations during the first two meetings of each section.

By accepting, I mean, we’ll have the group commissioner,  and either the group registrar or the group administrator at the meetings to assist with registering your youth in the section.

If you can’t make it out during the first two meetings, no problem!  You can sign your youth up at any time, just reach out to us via our contact links, or use the Scouts Canada group locator tool.  (you may not see our contact links on a mobile phone, if that’s the case, switch to desktop view with your phone’s browser.




Scouter Dave

1st Greenwood Group Commissioner


All Leaders Meeting – Sept. 3rd 7 PM

September 1st, 2014

The 1st Greenwood All Leaders meeting will be held at Rothwell United Church on Sept. 3rd, at 7 PM.

If you are a returning leader or someone that wishes to be a leader, please come and join us that day.


See you there,


Scouter David


Next Meeting, Food Drive, Remembrance Day, Group Camp

October 28th, 2013

Scouts and Parents,

First, Nov. 2nd (this coming Saturday) is our annual food drive, If you

have not yet signed up, please do so at


Remember Scouts are asked to sign up for 2 hours if not longer.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday Nov. 5th at John Paul II – our usual time.

We will be talking about the Christmas Child program you all indicated

you’d participate in. For information, please see


On Nov. 10th, is our group sponsor, Rothwell United Church’s Remembrance

day service, this is one of the two services that they ask we attend per

year, and they really enjoy seeing as many youth come out to the service as

possible. The service will start at 10:30 AM. If you can come, please

arrive by 10:15 AM in uniform.

Group Camp – Our group camp this year is on Nov. 15th – 17th. The theme is

Settling the Wilderness. The full weekend will be $50, Sat.+ Sunday will be

$37, and $26 for just Saturday. More details will come in a separate

email. You can sign up via http://scoutstracker.ca/scouts/ under the

schedule portion of the site. Sign up and fees must be received by Nov.


Scouter David
1st Greenwood Sea Scouts


Scout meetings for the next two weeks

October 20th, 2013

Scouts and Parents,

We’re at the school on Tuesday, and will be discussing some of the safety
topics that Scouts Canada is promoting this week.

If you’re ready, you can test for your various permits, well, not axe and
saw… not sure how the janitor will feel if someone misses and hits the

Please note that our meeting for the last week of Oct. will be at TD McGee,
with the Beavers, Cubs, and Venturers, and any of our Rovers that find
their way there from university classes. This will be our Halloween party
so please do come dressed in costume, and ready to participate in the games
that the Venturers have planned for you all.

No food will be needed, but bring a water bottle or cup for water. We’re
not supplying any sugary drink but there will be loot bags to take home.

If you are ordering Popcorn, your order must be brought to the Halloween
party to be given to Mike McCormick.

Finally, Nov. 2nd will be the annual food drive. Please go to our group’s
website and sign up for a shift –

Scouter David


Troop Code of Conduct in PDF form

September 18th, 2013

Scouts and Parents,

Here’s a copy of the Troop’s code of conduct that the youth and you
have both read it and ensured that it is fully understood and then

This is different than the Scouts Canada Code of Conduct that Leaders
and parents are asked to sign, as it was developed by the youth in
troop to guide them.

Scouter David
pdf icon 1st-Greenwood-Sea-Scouts-Code-of-Conduct.pdf


2013-2014 Scouting year Sept. 10th – 1st Meeting notes for parents

September 10th, 2013


For those of you that could stay tonight, thank you.

We covered a lot, and I know parents don’t carry a notebook like their Scouts do. 🙂

So, here’s a recap, admittedly a bit of a read:

The Scouts should have their own copy of the Canadian Scout Handbook and the Field Book for Canadian Scouting. They can take the book with them to school, and have their teachers, or any other adult who can vouch for their efforts sign off on badge requirements. The badges, and beginning information your youth needs to know about Scouting is contained within the Scout handbook. The Canadian Field Guide is something the Scout, and hopefully you will read together to begin to prepare your scout for camping as a Scout.

As I mentioned, the most important thing you can get your youth is a pack, followed by a winter sleeping bag. For a pack, I personally recommend the Eureka Getaway at the Scout shop – I see the price this year is $94.99 – a bit higher than last year.

You are welcome to find another make/model. This is a 63 liter pack, and I’ve been able as an adult to use it for 4 day camps.
However, MEC, Bushtaka and Sail are all great shops to go to. They all have great staff who will help you find the ideal pack for your youth. We purchased a pack for our son when he started Scouts at MEC, and he is now into his 10th year of using it as it was able to adjust as he grew. The ideal size is around 63 to 70 liters or so.

As for the sleeping bag, this is a great way grandma’s, grandpa’s, aunts and uncles can help you equip your youth. The Winter bag should be good to around -11 degrees C, and you add a fleece blanket or liner, and the bag will go down to -15 deg. C. MEC has a model called the Habenaro that both my kids swear handles much colder temps than it’s rated for.

Now, if you do not have the gear, and a camp is coming up, and your youth really wants to go, please email us at our team list (below). There are lots of Scouters in 1st Greenwood, and we have extra gear that can be borrowed.

Your Scout needs to obtain a whistle – we recommend Fox 40 pealess – something bright in colour and with a breakaway neck cord. These are used only when needed, and we will discuss this with the youth.

We recommend that youth also obtain a compass – the orienteering style are best for our needs – the engineering ones are a bit of over kill.
(here’s an image to the style sold at the Scout shop – compass)

Youth should be coming to meetings with a small notebook that fits in their shirt pocket, and a pencil and the rope they were issued tonight.
(we have a knot guide book on our website they can download and print. We worked on the Clove hitch tonight and they can certainly practice this using the guide as a reference)

Now to some administrative stuff:

We will start meetings at 6:50 PM – please have your youth present by 6:45 PM so they have time to shed wet weather or winter gear. Please have non-marking shoes for the gym. Youth in socks will not be able to participate in games that require rapid movement.  We will finish at 8:30 PM.

Dues: I’ve wrestled with this for a bit, and to simplify things for everyone we will go with a lump sum payment. Dues are $2/week, and since Sea Troops operate year round, it’s $52/youth. This will cover costs for materials for the program, badges etc.

Your Scout came home tonight with a couple of pieces of paper:

1) Their personal record sheet that shows where they are in the program.
2) A code of conduct – they need to read this, and I would like you to discuss it with them. You both must sign and return this at the next meeting.
3) Finally, we gave the Scouts a document (a copy is attached) and we asked them to indicate their preferences. We ask that you review these sheets, discuss your Scout’s choices with them, and look at your family calendars and see what is practical in terms of the camps. As we can refine dates, we will do so, and sign up sheets will be handled electronically via the Scouts Tracker web application.

Note: Item 3 has at the bottom of the page a reference to sheath knives. We will be doing this as a Scouting “make” project if we have enough interest, and it looks like we might from the youth’s answers I saw. They will be required to adhere to the rules they will learn to earn their knife permit. I or another scouter have the authority to confiscate any knife that they have in their possession if they are not following those rules. The knife will be returned only to a parent and should not be returned to a youth until they have proven they can adhere to the rules again, and their parent agrees that they are indeed ready to be responsible with it again. Given how much they like this privilege, I can honestly say I’ve only had to confiscate one knife from a youth at a camp so far as a Scouter.

Next Items:

Your youth’s safety. I would ask that parents not wait outside in their cars for their youth. Please come in to the gym. If we’re not at the door, please knock hard on the steel door to the right of the entrance we use. DO NOT RING the doorbell. This summons the custodian. Once you’ve knocked, give us a moment to come let you in. If you can tell we’re very loud (and yes, they can be, even with only a handful present) knock again.

If we are waiting for you at the end of a meeting outside, please approach us so that we can clearly see it is you picking up your child. If someone else is picking up your youth, please let us know.

As you may be aware, we operate on a two deep rule – there must be two leaders present before you can leave your Scout at the meeting place. If we have more than 6 youth per leader, we will require an adult to remain with us (not a fear yet this year, but I can hope that your Scout will be an ambassador and bring more youth in).

Please take the time to visit the Scouts Canada Child and Youth Safety page and review the information there. There you will find the policies, and guidelines including the Code of Conduct I gave some of you tonight. I would ask that all parents read the code of conduct, and sign it. (It’s located under the Policies and Procedures section of the above link) This is the same code of conduct each and every Scouter signs, each year.

Now some elements related to the program:

We are using a tool developed by a local Scouter, and this tool has gained national, and international recognition. Please sign in to the Scouts Tracker website. This is where we are going to track your youth’s progress in the Scouting program. I will hope that we can light a fire under them to stretch themselves and strive for the Chief Scout award.

This is the highest award a Scout can earn in the Troop program. It is going to require work by your youth. We aim to provide a program that gives them the foundation to reach for this goal.

If you’ve forgotten your password, just have the site generate a new temporary one for you, and then you can change it to what ever you like. I have no access to the passwords.

We have an event calendar located within this site, and I have set it up so that if you go to the Troop Calendar on the 1st Greenwood website you’ll be able to view the calendar without signing in.

I can be reached at dkerrivan_<at>_gmail.com, I’m also the group webmaster so webmaster_<at>_1stgreenwoodscouting.ca will s also reach me.

All of the troop leaders can be reached via troopleaders_<at>_1stgreenwoodscouting.ca. The first time you email, I’ll have to approve your ability to post to that mailing list, and I will do my best to do so within 3 days maximum.

The Sea Troop youth and parents are all part of seatroop_<at>_1stgreenwoodscouting.ca – No approvals needed if you are reading this email as I’ve sent it to you via this address. If I have only one parent’s email address, and we need to add the other parent’s address, drop me a note with the address to add.

Let myself or the rest of the leadership team know if any of this raises any questions.

Good Scouting,


Scouter David Kerrivan
1st Greenwood Sea Troop




Knotting for Scouts – The Scout Series – pdf

October 16th, 2011



Meeting Agenda

October 4th, 2011

1st Greenwood meeting plan October 4th 2011


Volunteer hour Tracking sheet

September 30th, 2011

Chief Scout Award Time Tracking Sheet


Sept 27 Meeting Notice – Hike – Note: location change.

September 21st, 2011

Pineview Hike Sept 27th 2011  6:30pm sharp to 8:30pm

Meet at Pineview Golf Course North end of parking lot.

Potential Badge requirements/skills to be obtained

Pathfinder Outdoor Skills 9– 4 birds, 4 mammals

Pathfinder Outdoor Skills 10– 4 trees, 4 shrubs

Pathfinder Outdoor Skills 11– 4 wildflowers

Forestry 1– disease, pest control, logging, utilization, replanting, fires

Forestry 2– ecology, forest types, growth factors, value to wildlife, air quality

Fish and Wildlife 1– Disease, pollution, endangered species, habitat destruction, carry capacity, edge effect

Naturist 1– balance of nature

Naturist 2– 15 trees, 10 plants, 10 birds, 10 mammals

Naturist 3– 20 species mammals, reptiles, plants, birds, trees, butterflies, moths, other insects

Soil & Water Management 1– erosion, food cycle, water cycle, water table

Soil & Water Management 3– visit


What to bring

Wear long pants and long sleeve shirt

Hiking shoes, hat

Dress for the weather

Water bottle

Camera, pencil, notebook, flashlight


Sept 20, 2011 Meeting Notice

September 18th, 2011

Greeting Scouts and Scout parents,

In our first meeting, we covered off with you the Code of Conduct, some details about the uniform and the function of the Court of Honour. A copy of the form is attached here: 1st Greenwood Sea Scouts Code of Conduct, and available on the website. Please remember to bring your signed copy back next meeting. We finished off the night talking about the up coming camps and I mentioned I want all Scouts to bring their fully prepared pack to the next meeting. If you do not have a pack, please use a duffel bag for now.

Sept 24th/25th 1st Year/APL/PL Camp

Scouter Rick is our leader in charge for this camp please fill in the attached form Senior C ub camp 2011 notice and return to our next meeting. I would encourage all Scouts to come if you can, esp. the 1st years as we’re really hoping to invest you as a Pioneer Scout at this camp on the Sept. 24th weekend. Camp cost is $11/youth.

Medic Alert / BP Skills Camp Oct 14th to Oct 16th

We will need your intent to participate and your fees in by no later than Oct. 5th. As mentioned in the welcome email earlier this month, we will need to know what section you want. The form is here: Medic Alert – BP Skills Camp Attendance Form

Directions to Camp Opemikon are here – be aware this is an older document and The Corel Center is now the ScotiaBank Place. Directions to Opemikon
If you prefer to use Google Maps for your directions, click here: Camp Opemikon

All 1st years should really take the Woodsman program as this, combined with the camp Scouter Rick and our Sr. Scouts are preparing, will set you up to earn your various permits.

Second year and Third year Scouts have a choice of Pioneering, Leadership and First Aid.

The first aid course at Medic Alert is quite intense – and there are other 1st Aid courses through the year for Scouts so please don’t feel this is the only place you can earn your certification.

I would strongly advise anyone who’s been appointed as a Patrol Leader (Coxswain) or Assistant Patrol Leader (Leading Seaman) take the Leadership course.

Camp fees are set at: $50 for all youth taking the BP Skills portion, and $100 for those taking first aid.

Next Meeting:

For our next meeting at the Gym at St. John Paul II, I need all Scouts to bring all of the gear they will need for the Sept. Camp. Use the Field Book for Canadian Scouting as your guide. (this is part of the learning in Scouting). If you do not have this book – let me know, and I’ll send a camp checklist to those that need it)

We will go through each Scout’s pack, and check off on the contents – and identify any deficiencies.
The check list will be sent home and deficiencies should be rectified before the camp.

Final order of business from last meeting – our Watches are as follows:

Red: An (PL/HP), Mac (APL), Katie (HP), Leann, Kaela
Green: David (PL/HP), Josh (APL), Wiley, Jacob, Mateo
White: Ryan (PL/HP), Patrick (APL), Laurent (HP), Calum, Parker
Honour Patrol: Katie, Laurent, An, David, Ryan

Please note: You will also be able to access this information at our website under the Troop section later this weekend.

Yours in Scouting (YIS),

Scouter David
1st Greenwood Sea Scouts Skip
scouts @ 1stgreenwoodscouting.ca
troopleaders @ 1stgreenwoodscouting.ca



Welcome to Sea Scouts, 2011-2012

September 18th, 2011

Welcome to the 2011-2012 Scouting year everyone!
(this is from my first email for this year – some slight changes have been made)

Some quick notes to get us started for the year:

For those that have not registered yet, you can do so on Wednesday Sept. 7th, between 7 PM and 8 PM at Rothwell United Church (42 Sumac St., Ottawa, ON, K1J 6P7).
If you have friends that are interested in Scouting pass on the word! They can register at any time, but if they register sooner, they can take part in more events.

Our first meeting will be on Sept. 13th at John Paul II school in the Gym as per previous years.
The meetings will start at 6:30 PM and end at 8:30 PM unless otherwise indicated ahead of time.
** Please do not ring the door bell, but knock on the steel door to the gym if we are not at the entrance. **

All parents are asked to remain for a brief parents meeting to be held shortly after the formal opening with Scouter Calvin.
If you cannot remain on this first evening, please contact Scouter Calvin and/or myself.

We’d like you to be prepared to indicate your interest on the first meeting to the following two camps:
– Sept. 24th 2011 Sr. Cub camp replacement – We’re targeting this date to have the Sr. Scouts run a camp for the first year Scouts to make up for the lack of last years Sr. Cub Camp.
– Oct. 14th to 16th – Medic Alert and BP Skills weekend camp at Camp Opemikon. Details to follow – all I have is the dates right now. This is where the Scouts can work on their Woodsman, Pioneering, Leadership skills.

Those wishing to earn their first aid certification for the Chief Scout award, or “just because” can take part in Medic Alert.

Apple Day is on Oct. 1st – Please be prepared to come help out – more details to follow.

For those of you who are interested, you can see what the 1st Greenwood Venturer Company did this summer as their long trip at http://www.1stgreenwoodscouting.ca/photos/

Some ways to reach us:

troopleaders @ 1stgreenwoodscouting.ca – this goes to the entire volunteer leadership team. (delete the spaces)

If you wish to communicate with one of us specifically (delete the spaces in the address):

Scouter David (Skip/Voyageur coordinator) : scouts @ 1stgreenwoodscouting.ca or davidkerrivan @ rogers.com;
Scouter Calvin (Chief Scout coordinator): calvinhamilton @ rogers.com
Scouter Glenda: glendac @ rogers.com
Scouter Rick (Pathfinder Scout Coordinator): rbyatte1212 @ rogers.com
Scouter Ron (Badge Master/Pioneer Scout coordinator):ronnie_g.1948 @ yahoo.com

Until then,
David Kerrivan
1st Greenwood Sea Scouts Skip/Webmaster


March 9th Meeting at Rothwell United Church

March 5th, 2010

Just a reminder to all that the March 9th meeting will be at Rothwell United Church at 42 Sumac St. (follow link to Sponsor’s link on main page to get to their map.)

Please don’t forget your Scout Truck.


Skip Glenda